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Cell Phone Dangers - Distracted Drivers

texting and driving car accident attorney

Distracted driving is dangerous and has been linked to thousands of car accidents each year.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2008 that driver distraction was the cause of 16 percent of all fatal crashes and 21 percent of crashes resulting in an injury.  As a car accident attorney in Miami I have been personally involved with many tragic car accident cases where the accident could have been simply avoided if the driver was not distracted by his/her cell phone. 

Florida drivers are banned from testing and driving however it's a secondary offense, which means drivers can only be stopped if they commit another violation. Since the law has been in place it's been difficult to enforce and is rarely used. Statewide less than 1,800 citations are issued.  Depending on which study you read, phone usage makes a driver between three and 23 times more likely to crash. In 2012, one person was injured every 75 seconds due to an accident involving a distracted driver, according to estimates by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Of those, 3,328 people were killed.

As a personal injury attorney many of my clients ask me advice on how to talk to their teenagers on the dangers of texting or emailing while driving.  So the following are some of my suggestion. I tell the parents to give clear instructions to their teens not to use their cell phones while driving.  It only takes a brief moment to be distracted and cause an accident, which could injure themselves or others.  For example, I currently represent several clients who have been severely injured by a driver who was talking and/or texting while driving. You must lead by example. Children learn my imitating their parent's behavior. For example, if you need to talk or text on the phone, pull over to a safe place and then use the phone.  And finally, set rules for yourself and your household regarding distracted driving. Tell family, friends and organizations to which you belong about the importance of driving without distractions. Take information to your children's schools and ask that it be shared with students and parents.

If you want more information or to talk to an attorney please contact me at my office. I have been a personal injury attorney who has been working for injured victims for over 14 years.

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