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We are Miami slip, trip, and fall law firm dedicated to holding businesses accountable to keep their properties safe and clean.

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Miami Fl

Slip and Fall Attorney in Miami, Florida

It is the responsibility of property owners and managers to maintain a reasonably safe property for visitors (invitees), residents, employees. Homeowner's and business insurance policies cover a wide variety of claims, including those for dog bites, assaults due to inadequate security, swimming pool drowning, and exposure to toxic chemicals and mold.

The most common premises liability claim is for slip and fall accidents. Attorney Joshua Hertz has successfully recovered compensation on behalf of clients injured in trip and fall, slip and fall, and other premises liability claims. If you would like to discuss an accident claim with experienced attorney Joshua Hertz, please call 305-682-9010 or e-mail our Miami, Florida, law office for a free consultation.

Contact our Miami, Florida, personal injury lawyer for a free consultation about your trip or slip and fall accident. Lawyer Joshua Hertz will call back immediately. Free, no-risk consultation – we do not get paid unless you collect.

Do you have a premises liability slip and fall case?

When determining whether your fall entitles you to personal injury compensation, attorney Joshua Hertz will look for evidence of negligence on the part of the property owner or manager. Did you trip on debris that went unattended for a period of time or on a dangerous staircase? Did a cleaning service leave a slippery floor in your place of employment? Did you fall on a slippery grocery aisle?

What is the full cost of your accident?

Slip and fall, dog bites, or other accidents and assaults can have medical and emotional consequences that last for years, possibly a lifetime. Back, neck, or brain injury, facial scarring, or post-traumatic stress disorder can alter your life.

When we determine that your accident injury claim resulted from the negligence of another, attorney Joshua Hertz and our firm will see that the full cost of your accident is accurately evaluated and reflected in your claim for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and in some cases, punitive damages.

It is our goal to see that you receive the compensation you need and deserve to take care of yourself and your family. Call 305-682-9010 or e-mail our Miami law firm to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with premises liability lawyer Joshua Hertz.